Tough Traveler's sturdy, Made-in-USA children's backpacks fit kids from 2 years - middle school.  Quality construction and materials, so you won't have to replace your child's backpack every year. Great for school backpacks, camping, or other activities. All items come in many colors, so click on the image to see more details!

"My parents bought me my first Tough Traveler bag when I started kindergarten. I replaced it a couple years later with their standard book bag backpack and got a bit over a decade of service from it. In over 30 years, I've gone through 3 of those day packs plus one full sized frame pack and a weekend sized pack and put them ALL through the heaviest of use. Now I use just the Tough Traveler weekend sized pack for short term camping and have my decade old book bag as a spare. Nothing holds up so long through such heavy use. Nothing. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
--Brian Chabot