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A letter from Tough Traveler:

Dear Customer,
Soon it will be the holiday times gift-giving, and already USA-people are being warned that 'supply chains' will be very long and it may be difficult to obtain the import presents that are wanted.
Well, Tough Traveler is a USA design/USA manufacture company - we are not importers - and, while it may be difficult to get a few of the materials we usually get, we expect to be able to USA-source our materials as usual, and we definitely expect to have our very talented, capable, and loyal employees still working in our own factory here in the USA.  In other words, all of us are grateful for your orders and we expect to be able to fill them in a timely manner! 

All that said, please order early, our small, dedicated factory will want to fill all the holiday orders, and we will want to get the colors you ask for, but as it gets closer to the holidays color choices can get more limited!  Also, last year there were a few mix-ups in deliveries and this year might be even worse as Post Office, Fed Ex, and UPS might have employee shortages!

Plus, we have noticed an increase in custom and customized orders, and the more time we have, the greater the possibilities to fulfill those orders! 

We are looking forward to your holiday orders - and we are hoping they come early!  If you are stumped which product to get for which recipient, please feel free to email or call us, we can give you suggestions!
Next week we will put out a small list of suggestions for gifts, and we hope that will help make it a bit easier - !

Sustainable fashion chic, still made in the USA!  Made with care, durable materials, and convenient, comfortable, valuable features - and more!
You'll be glad - and your giftees will be glad - when your Tough Traveler(R) is with you for many years!

Suggestions this week:
Duffel Bags, Waist Packs, Backpacks for school, Backpacks for work, Backpacks for Camping & Hiking, Carry-ons, Garment Bags, Wheeled Luggage for small and big trips, great Pouches Large and Small - etc.!