Why are Tough Traveler Bags Better?

Here are a few details!

  • Strong materials:  We use sturdy materials that won't break, rip or wear out for years.  99% of our materials are made in USA.  We get lots of notes from our customers - to see some, check out Customer Comments!
  • Attentive manufacturing techniques: Our seams are triple stitched at all stress points with durable thread.  You can see some videos of our sewing in action on Facebook.
  • Ethical & environmental company culture:  By choosing to make all our products in Upstate New York, and using nearly 100% USA-made materials, we are committing to a more ethical manufacturing process, with substantial labor & environmental protections not found in many other countries.  We do our best to reduce waste, reuse, avoid chemicals and other pollutants.
  • Repair service:  Even the best products sometimes run into issues.  Whether run over by a baggage truck, chewed by a puppy, or simply used for decades, damage may occur.  Just send the bag back to us, and we will repair it at no charge if there was a defect.  If the damage was due to accident or normal wear-and-tear, we'll repair it at a low price.  Repairs are usually sent back out within one week.
  • Customization to fit your needs: Many of our bags can be custom-made in the color of your choice, or with alterations.  Contact us for details at service@toughtraveler.com.