Tough Traveler makes tough luggage, with superior quality workmanship and heavy-duty materials. Our strong travel bags, from duffels to carry-ons to large rolling luggage, have traveled the world since 1970!  Our bags can last decades - many customers swear they still have the first bag we made!  All our items are still proudly made in USA in our Schenectady, NY factory, with a focus on sustainable manufacturing and high-quality products.

"I just wanted you to know I've had my Red Venture pack since 1987. I don't hike or camp, but at the time I did travel. It was great being able to use it as a backpack at the airport leaving my hands free. I could clip a smaller carry-on pack to the bottom clips. Just before getting to the counter I'd convert it to suitcase mode and it became checked luggage. ....... It could hold a weeks worth of clothing and the other misc stuff you want once you get to the hotel. It has been checked luggage on trips to England, Amsterdam, and air travel inside the US. ....... I think this has been one of the best purchases ever. I still have and use it when I do travel."
Rick Shetron, Troy, NY