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"Let me start with: I LOVE YOUR BAG. My mom got it before I was born and used it for her daily commute. She was still using it when I was a kid but at some point I grew up, moved to the city and it became mine. I used the backpack heavily throughout college and still continue to love it. It is such a well designed bag– it's exactly right for grabbing something quickly, for keeping something in case of an emergency, for making sure you always have sunglasses, for carrying eight books, for threading your jacket through, for traveling (it saw Mexico, Copenhagen, Bozeman, Charleston, and Des Moines), for forgetting some pockets existed because there are so many, for carrying groceries home, and for so much more. I really really love this backpack. The fact it has to be at least 25 years old blows my mind. It's multigenerational.
Acadia Branch"
--Sept. 2018