ADD-ON! Accessory strap for rolling luggage.

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A Great Detachable Luggage Strap to Use With Your Wheeled Suitcase

• This accessory strap allows you to easily attach a piece of small luggage, a handbag, briefcase, etc. to the top of your wheeled suitcase, either Tough Traveler brand or another brand which has a handle grip to use as an attachment point
• Easily loops over handle of rolling luggage, and elastic strap tightens snugly around your smaller bag. The Add-On! is designed for excellent balance, stability and security.
• Hand-made in small batches in the USA
Patent #7,841,453B2

Every try to prop a smaller bag on top of your wheeled luggage, only to have it slip off or dangle frustratingly?  The Add-On!  is a solution that will work with almost any combination of wheeled luggage and smaller bag.  Just slip the elastic strap over the extendable handle for a snug fit that keeps the smaller bag on top even when turning corners or moving quickly!