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Dimensions: 17"w x 7"h x 3"d

Two walls of vial compartments, plus internal dividers with elastic loops to hold larger items.

Safely transporting small, easily-breakable vials is always a problem for the EMT. Carrying bags without individual sections for each vial may allow the delicate bottles to shift and bump into each other. Bags with individual sections are limited to an exact size and number of vials. Bags with elastic sections may cover the labels on the vials, and allow vials to slip out if jostled.

The ZYLE has been designed with these problems in mind, with flexible foam backing and clear-vinyl-covered pockets made to accommodate a variety of numbers and sizes of vials.  Let the Zyle help you with your vials!

This item is made-to-order, so it can be customized with the number of pockets & panels that you need.  Just email us at!