Messenger Bags

Tough Traveler bags are hand-crafted in Upstate New York, in a small factory with a focus on unique designs, sustainable & ethical practices, and high-quality products.  Our designers and artisans work hard to make bags that are not fast and cheap, but have long-lasting value.  And it shows!  Since 1970, our products have been known for durability as well as great functionality and style.

See our wide selection of messenger bags below.  All items come in many colors, so click on the image to see more details!

"I went on holiday to upstate New York in 1991 and my parents bought me one of your bags. I have used it non-stop ever since. When I was in school and university I used it everyday to carry my books (I'm now 34!) and every time I go on holiday I use it as my hand luggage, it's a very well travelled bag! .... Many thanks for your excellent product which has served me for so many, many years.....
Best wishes,"
Fiona Strachan