Carry-On Luggage

Tough Traveler luggage is made to last. We use materials and construction methods that are chosen for durability. Both our wheeled & non-wheeled styles are light enough to allow you to pack as much as possible in your carry-on suitcase.

"Dear TT, I'm going on another trip to Brazil, and trying to decide which bag to take. After 27 years I still use one of your small bags for airline carry-on luggage. I think this bag has been around the world a couple of times with me. I also have a suit carrier ... which I got as a gift. I also had a day-backpack, which I used until a few years ago when it got lost. ... Back when I lived in Schd'y I toured your factory, and just wanted to say that your TT bags are the only pieces of luggage I've had continuously since 1981 - keep up the good work! " Greg Bouse, Greenville, SC