• $715.00
    単価 あたり 

- Compact size
- 10 lashtabs on outside to attach various accessories.
- Reflective strips throughout (including shoulder straps and waistbelt) for enhanced
- Long shoulder straps and waistbelt.
- Interior has small zippered mesh pocket, elasticized long side pocket (can hold a cervical
collar), elasticized medium side pocket (can hold TT Zyle case) and adjustable /
removable straps to hold a D sized oxygen bottle.
- Interior Straps and pockets are color coded
- Interior can be divided into 2 compartments by using the removable divider (stiffened
with HDPE)
- Both compartments can be accessed individually through zippered / padded top lid and
zippered / padded back lid.
- Inside of top lid has an extra zippered pocket.
- Inside of back lid has elastic loops to hold syringes, scissors etc.
- Bottom of carrier is reinforced with 2 layers of Cordura and 1 layer of HDPE