BIG STICK BAG (Drumslinger)
BIG STICK BAG (Drumslinger)BIG STICK BAG (Drumslinger)BIG STICK BAG (Drumslinger)



Dimensions: 17"h x 15"w x 6"d


• Comfortable to wear and exceptionally well organized so you can find things you need quickly.
• Sticks are stowed away in zippered pockets, and can be moved to open pockets when you're playing.
• Bag is completely reversible, an innovation that lets you fold (and zip) it inside-out, making it convenient to hang anywhere on the kit.
• Pockets for charts and contracts, plus zippered pockets for wallet, car keys, etc.
• Carry handle, a detachable shoulder strap, and a tough Cordura® outer shell.
• Also great for penny whistles, recorders & other small wind instruments.

Made in the USA of durable 1,000 d. Cordura, has been used worldwide by gigging percussionists/drummers for over 30 years

"...I finally wore out my first 'Big Stick Bag' after 10 years of use on the road! I would endorse your products anytime!" - Derek Brown, Portland, OR


"I just wanted to write a long overdue letter to express my sincere thanks for an amazing product. I bought my Big Stick Bag in 1990 and whether I was at home or on the road playing for 20 people or 20,000 my bag has been hanging right at my side. I recommend it to everyone I talk to and I am forever grateful to everyone at Tough Traveler."
Matthew Middleton, Akron, OH



"I saw your company name somewhere and it served to remind me that I still don’t need to worry about my DrumSlinger stick bag - the one I bought in San Diego the third week of May ‘90: I got married that Saturday! The good (but not surprising) news is the marriage is great and the stick bag is apparently indestructible! 25 years down line and I may need to shop for the next stick bag in about 10 years; thanks for service above and beyond!!
Roger Hoinacki"

"For years I've went through tons of standard stick bags, most wore out within a year, or became unstitched quite quickly. It feels great to finally own a quality bag that won't wear out!
I can't wait to start gigging with it. I plan to add a cymbal bag very soon. Thanks for the great product and fast shipping!"
Rich Emslie

Why choose a Tough Traveler bag?

Our bags are handmade in Upstate New York, where we've been making great luggage, backpacks & other bags since 1970.  They are well-made and durable, with unique designs & high-quality material.  

"I acquired [a Tough Traveler duffel] in 1985-6?, it has flown almost a million miles, sailed for several years' worth of days and is still in use nearly every week for packing and traveling. ....... Thank you for the most amazing piece of luggage I own." - Peter Corsi, Richmond, CA

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