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"Dear Tough Traveler team, I bought the dog carrier end of June and fortunately got it in time for our vacation in the Tyrolean mountains. My husband and I like hiking but a full day hiking tour is too much for a small dog, like our Boston Terrier Lucy. I was not successful in finding a proper dog carrier in Europe that would allow comfortable carrying for a longer time. By searching the internet I found the Tough Traveler Dog Carrier, the perfect solution. We spent one week in the Tyrolean Mountains and even 8 hours tours were no problem, not for me, carrying her, not for Lucy. When she got tired she spent some time in the carrier, enjoyed the view or simply fall asleep.... Best regards from Austria,

Tanja Schnizer"

Dog Carrier Backpack for hiking

Dog Carrier Backpack for Hiking

Dog Carrier Backpack for Hiking Dog Carrier Backpack for Hiking

"Thank you! We love it! - Julie Perez"

Dog Carrier Backpack for Hiking

Dog Backpack Carrier for Hiking Dog Carrier Backpack for Hiking Dog Carrier Backpack for Hiking

Dog Carrier Backpacks

"Hello there,

Just though you should know how much the backpacks have meant for family time! We adore them and can't thank you enough for helping us to bring our puggies with us on our hikes!

Best, Robin, gaby, Mimi and Marley!"

Dog Carrier Backpack for 20 lb dogDog Carrier Backpack for 20 lb dog Dog Carrier Backpack for 20 lb dog

Dog carrier backpack for 30 lb dog
"Your back pack has been a life saver. My service dog, a 30 lb. Jack Russell Mix dog, Jackie Chan, has acquired megaesophagus, thereby requiring he eat sitting up for 25 minutes four times a day. He goes everywhere with me, so I cannot bring his large Bailey chair everywhere. The backpack holds him up for eating on the ground or on my back of we have things to do. It also has enough zippered storage space that I can pack what I need for him and myself. Thank you for this quality pack. You may use photos and testimonial for advertising. You can see more photos on instagram jackiechanbakerdog."
Denise Emmerling-Baker (

Dog carrier backpack for 30 lb dogDog carrier backpack for 30 lb dogDog carrier backpack for 30 lb dogDog carrier backpack for 30 lb dog
"I am so grateful that someone came up with such a clever idea that has given me the ability to enjoy so much more time with Basil in his senior years. I have added side carriers and an extra bag at the back as well as a water bladder and rain hood so it is quite an impressive rig now! We have raised over $5,000 so far for a UK charity called Dogs Trust who do wonderful work re homing dogs who haven’t had a great start in life, giving them loving homes and bright futures.... We set off on Tuesday by train to the north-west of England then start walking on Wednesday and just have to keep putting one foot (or paw) in front of the other for the next 16 days."
Michael and Basil Carter (

Dog carrier backpack for large dog
"We are ready for new adventures!!!!!!"
Julie LaFlamme

Dog carrier backpack for two chihuahuas
"Thank you so much for your Dog Perch Backpack! My two chihuahuas did it to the summit of Mount Lafayette but were too much tired to go down so I put them in the bag and we did it to the trailhead without problem!!! Love it!"
Kiki Jay

Plus this review:
"I bought the Dog Perch Backpack in large size to bringing my 2 chihuahuas when they get too tired in trails. I really love all of it, with the pockets, and the ability to attach things around the bag with a snap hook like my hiking sticks, water bowl... I wasn't sure about the comfort of the shoulder straps (the clavicles hurts the first time) but after some use, I feel comfortable and it wasn't a problem on a 7hrs trail. The dogs seems pretty confident and comfortable too, they slept many times in it! Because of the price, hope that it will last!! Highly recommend!"
Kiki Jay

Dog carrier backpack UK
"We love walking, but have an ageing, ailing dog that's now unable to enjoy walks under her own steam. We were unable to find a suitable carrier in the UK, so looked further afield and found the Tough Traveler site. Our Kid Carrier with 'Dog Perch' arrived yesterday, and we're very pleased with it; more importantly our 'Old Girl' seems to feel very comfortable in it. We're yet to test it outdoors, but if the trial runs (indoors) are anything to go by, it's going to prove to be a great buy! Great product Tough Traveler!!!"
Alison Lynch

Dog carrier backpack uk
"Just thought I’d send a wee photo of your dog backpack in action :). My pup luvs it and it means she can still come on longer walks despite having a bit of arthritis.Thank you,"

Dog carrier backpack for 25 lb dog Dog carrier backpack for 25 lb dog

"We adopted our terrier mix, Moppit, about 6 years ago and at the time our vet guessed he was probably about 6-8 years old. In his prime, this little guy (who is also completely blind in one eye!) did a 12 mile round-trip camping adventure and loved every second! Now, at 12-14 years old, he has the heart for the adventure but the traveling is tough. Last year we bought him his very own dog carrier from Tough Traveler and we couldn't love it more! Here he is on one of his favorite "hikes" near Carbondale, Colorado. Thank you!!"
Molly and Greg Sustad

Dog carrier backpack for small dog
"We received our custom Penthouser today and WE LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you soooo much for making such an AMAZING dog bag!! We've just tried it on and it fits my 7 lb. Maltese perfectly!! AND the Ranger color makes it look like legitimate hiking equipment instead of a cutesy fashion piece. I love it! I'll sing praises of Tough Traveler to anyone who ask about our new bag! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"
-Angie Morgan

Dog carrier backpack for hiking
"Hi, We recently went on a trip to Yellowstone, the Tetons, Glacier and Banff. We were concerned about our 15 year-old Westie Gabby not being able to do much walking. Last year my husband ended up carrying her on a hike in the desert and we knew that she wouldn't be able to handle anything more than a short distance. We did some research and found your Tough Traveler with a dog insert and ordered it. Thanks to the Tough Traveler, we were able to all hike together in several parks and as you can see, Gabby enjoyed her trip as much as we did!
Terry Cervi"

Dog carrier backpack for hiking
"Zucci from the beautiful Schoharie Valley in upstate NY is a Tough Traveler! Thanks for all your help!"
Kevin, Beth, & Zucci

Dog carrier backpack for hiking
"Hey guys. I absolutely love the backpack and so does my dog!"
Jason Allen

"When we bought this I promised I would send images of my dog in the backpack if it worked for her. She is a miniature Dachshund and we bought the large for her length. This is brilliant. I have attached two images. Cheers"
Dog carrier backpack for dachshund Dog carrier backpack for dachshund

"After a long search for just the right backpack to carry my 14 lb 11 year old Cairn terrier, I found exactly what I was looking for at Tough Traveler. Now, we can continue to explore the Rocky Mountains without a care in the world. Whether she gets tired, hot, cold, stuck in snow, or simply refuses to budge, I can scoop her up and plop her in the lookout. We both love it. We hike several times a week in all weather conditions and it has held perfectly. It's lightweight, sturdy, comfortable, and I can even carry my water bladder in the lower compartment. Chilly and I can't thank you enough. Happy Trails"
--Jacky K & Chilly
Dog carrier backpack for 15 lb dog

"We’re all so happy with your dog-carrier for our handicapped 10 years old Estelle. Thank you so much for making such a perfect product."
Marcel and Helene Muller, Switzerland
Dog carrier backpack Switzerland Dog carrier backpack Switzerland

"Hi Tough Traveler "Bosco" from Washington state here chillin in my new carrier with my papa! Just wanted to say thanks for such a great product. I enjoyed an all day adventure through the Pacific Northwest greeting people and finally I get to go into all the stores! You all are the bestest! Thank you again "Bosco" the mini Schnauz!
Paula Kelly"

Dog carrier backpack for hiking

"Just thought you would like this photo. This is Charlie's 2nd trip in his backpack. We were visiting Holy Island in Northumberland and he had walked about four miles on quite a hot day. I was amazed to see him fall asleep in the backpack even before we could lift him up onto my husbands back. He must be so comfortable. Thank you for solving a real worry for us. We have a very active Cairn Terrier too so now we can make them both happy on walks!!
Best wishes Norma Innes"

Dog carrier backpack for hiking Dog carrier backpack for hiking

<>"Basil is enjoying trouble free travel now. Thanks Tough Traveler!"

Dog carrier backpack for hiking
Photo Courtesy Michael Carter, UK

"My husband recently ordered me a doggie pack from you for my birthday. As you can see, Charlie thinks it's his. He snuggled in as soon as he was put in, totally comfortable. Charlie goes everywhere with me: hiking, antiquing, flea markets. At 46 with arthritis setting in, my arms get tired holding him. Now he can be with me, the weight is distributed safely on my body, and I have two hands back to be able to drink a latte, pay for purchases, etc. Thanx so much for providing a logical, functional product for pet owner's vs the cutsie, look at me fad products that are so popular. I carry your company contact info with me and pass it on every time I'm asked 'Where'd you get that?'.

Thanx again,
Stephanie Johnson & Charlie
Ravensdale, WA"

Dog carrier backpack for large dog

"What a great product the Dog Perch Backpack is. We have been able to start doing some longer walks now we have this backpack which is something we never thought we would be able to do again with our dog Binky. The only problem is that he would rather sit in the backpack then do any walking now.
Many Thanks
Sally Handscombe"

Dog carrier backpack for hiking

"Dear Tough Traveler,
Last summer, we purchased your Dog Perch so that our 14 year old Jack Russell terrier could accompany us on our annual hiking trip to Acadia National Park. This was the first time that Connor could not blaze the trail (he lost his sight last year), but we were still able to bring him along. The pack was extremely comfortable, both for husband and dog. We were stopped by so many dog lovers who appreciated our efforts to include our elderly dog in our outdoor adventure.
Connor passed away this November and we are so grateful to your company for designing a pack that allowed us all to enjoy a last vacation with him!
Thank you from
Elaine and Jerry Saunders"

Dog carrier backpack for hiking

"We love our puppy pack!"
- Robert Turner
Dog Carrier Backpack for Hiking

"We bought your carrier for our little beagle, Ruby, because she's getting on in years, but still likes to go...and we like to have her with us.... [She] was more than happy to get into the carrier once we got to Berkeley Springs, WV, for a quick walk around town - whole other perspective from having your nose to the ground the whole time and seeing nothing.... We even got to go into a couple of shops that didn't allow pets. Good for her. Good for us.
We all love the new carrier and the possibilities it affords.
Here's a couple of shots.... [shown below!]
Thanks for making such a wonderful product and for obviously understanding dogs and what they need to be comfortable and happy."
-kelly, steve, and, especially, ruby
Dog carrier backpack for large dog Dog carrier backpack for large dog

"[M]y dog will be 15 this summer. He likes being out with us, but can no longer walk as far. We walk him as far as he can go, and then he rides the rest of the way. Your backpack has been amazing - not bulky like a stroller and we can hike easily with it. He is 22lbs and I can carry him for hours with your pack even though he is 1/5 of my weight! I am never sore the next day. Thank you so much for helping my buddy Misha enjoy his senior years! Here is a photo of us at the White House:" -Vanessa
Dog carrier backpack for hiking

Just to let you know that my dog pack arrived just in time for last weekend's hill walking and that it proved to be all that I had hoped for. My six month old West Highland terrier took to the experience of being carried up the hills like royalty and seemed to really enjoy herself, while at the same time I was more than pleased at my own carry her for several hours up what at times were quite steep hills on our first outing.... So thanks a million to tough traveler for a lovely experience and for what so far been a great product.
Best Regards.
Margaret Whelan