Factory Tours for National Manufacturing Day - Oct. 5, 2019

This day is an opportunity for people young and old to see how Tough Traveler designs, manufactures, and sells our shoulder bags, backpacks, carry-ons, dog carriers, slings, music bags, emergency bags, camera bags, small pouches, toiletries bags, etc. - all Tough Traveler(R) products are Made in the USA to Travel the World(TM), and it is wonderful to have this day to share our company with our visitors! Tough Traveler is known for excellence in design, style, and durability, and we have customers worldwide. Many people have been delighted to own our products and use them for many, many years, and this is the day that they can have a peek at our factory and see just where their TT comes from!
Our tours take about 20 minutes and are run throughout the day, 10am - 4pm! It is a special day to share!