Chart of Colors

Tough Traveler's durable bags & packs come in a wide variety of colors. And if the bag you want isn't available in your preferred color, just let us know ( We are happy to do custom orders!


These color samples are intended to be a general guideline, not an exact representation of the color. Some colors look different in different materials (if the difference is major, we have shown both options). Lighting, browser settings, and dye lots may also affect color appearance.


Black   Navy (Cordura)   Navy (Packcloth)
Burgundy   Purple (Cordura)   Coyote
Gold   Purple (Packcloth)   Teal (Packcloth)
Grey   Red   Teal
Khaki   Royal   Yellow
Mohave   Olive   Green
Ranger   Peacock   Pink
Wheat   Orange   Silver
Ranger Diamond   Brown   Denim Blue



Navy Diamond Black Diamond


  • Cordura®:   This nylon material is very similar in appearance and feel to canvas.   It is extremely tough and durable.  1000 denier.

  • Packcloth: A lighter-weight nylon, with a smooth, slick surface.  Also very durable, though not as impervious to wear as Cordura.  400 denier.

  • Saddlecloth: A nylon which imitates the look and feel of suede, without the fragility.  It is resistant to weather, and washable.

  • Diamond Ripstop:   A ripstop nylon with a shimmery surface and diamond pattern. Attractive & lightweight.