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The Dog Perch Backpack is the original dog carrier backpack, and the best backpack to carry your dog hiking or traveling!  Our Dog Perch Backpack has become beloved with families that have mid-sized dogs that can't keep up on hikes, or may be elderly, ill, and/or handicapped - and even large puppies that aren't yet trained to 'mind' can enjoy time out in the Dog Perch! 

The Dog Perch Backpack has become a wonderful way for dog families to have time outside walking around the neighborhood, on treks, travel, or even time inside entertaining their dog or accomplishing chores while having together time.

    • Based on our famous Tough Traveler child carrier backpacks, designed for wonderful comfort since 1983, Tough Traveler understands and executes backpack comfort!

    • A true technical hiking-quality backpack with our great suspension system, supportive frame, load-control & sternum straps, and other features so you can be comfortable while carrying your dog.  We've been pack makers since 1970, and our backpacks have been to Everest and back!

    • Fits pets up to 30 lb (depending on body shape and size), and allows most dogs to sit in a more comfortable "armchair" position instead of being squeezed into a sack or forced to sit in a vertical posture.

    • The only framed dog carrier backpack that is proudly made in USA, we design and manufacture with superior workmanship and quality materials for comfort, convenience, and durability.

    • Comes in six sizes for the best fit for you and your dog, so please check the specs and sizing below to find the best option.  Note that dogs vary a LOT in size and shape, so the measurements may not work for every dog - for personal assistance, please email us at with your dog's weight and breed!

    • And we encourage you to review the comments and photos from other customers to get a good idea of how using the pack works in real life!

      "Our dogs are 11 and 12 years old, and need a little help on those long day hikes. We tried [the Dog Perch Backpack] Grayson Highlands in SW VA. This worked perfect! The dogs loved it and one of them fell asleep while we were hiking." Erick Allen, Hendersonville, NC.


      DOG PERCH BACKPACK (Standard Size)


      Adult fit range: 5' to 5'10"
      Total Load Limit: 40 lbs.
      Dog Size Limit:

      Weight: 20 lbs.

      12" front paw to base of tail, 8" between front paws

      Weight: 3 lbs 8 oz.
      Maximum Waistbelt: 45"

      • Flat foam bottom allows your dog to sit in a more natural position, similar to sitting on a firm arm-chair with front paws on the edge of the arm.
      • Five-point safety harness holds the dog in the carrier securely, and clips to collar or dog's harness
      • High padded sides with cut away front, allowing your dog to rest his feet on the edge, and see out fully

      • Adjustable torso height for a perfect fit: Shoulder harness adjusts quickly for excellence in comfort, to provide a custom back length.
      • Control straps fine-tune load distribution between your shoulders and hips, again for comfort.
      • Sternum strap distributes the load - for comfort again! - and eliminates under-the-arm pressure.

    • • 1/2" thick padded shoulder straps & 4" wide hip belt have sturdy foam to cushion load and absorb shock.
      • Mesh back band provides cool back support
      • Detachable underseat storage duffel, big enough for sweater, dog dish, treats, and other useful items, maybe even your dog's sweater!
      • Tubular aluminum loading stand opens out for stability, folds back when in use.
      Based on our Pal'Mino child carrier backpack