A compact bag for electronics accessories, with just a little extra protection

SIZE: 9"w x 7.5"h x .5"d; WEIGHT: 1 oz
• Made of soft, lightweight tricot foam to protect electronics accessories without extra bulk or weight
• Clear vinyl window on the front holds business-card size label, so you can quickly note contents
• Full length, sturdy zipper curves slightly down the sides for easier access
• 100% USA Made

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Why choose a Tough Traveler bag?

Our bags are handmade in Upstate New York, where we've been making great luggage, backpacks & other bags since 1970.  They are well-made and durable, with unique designs & high-quality material.  

"I acquired [a Tough Traveler duffel] in 1985-6?, it has flown almost a million miles, sailed for several years' worth of days and is still in use nearly every week for packing and traveling. ....... Thank you for the most amazing piece of luggage I own." - Peter Corsi, Richmond, CA

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